Enter the Fantastic

Illustration by Joe Rheault

About Joe Rheault

When I was a kid, I loved losing myself in fantasy stories. These tales brought me to new and exciting places while introducing me to interesting




A look through my gallery will show you the creatures and characters I’ve created. By reaching out I can show you what I can create for your cover, game, or wall decoration.



Utilizing visual storytelling, I have helped to communicate the shots a director has envisioned for commercials, film, or animation.

Client Testimonials

Joe and I collaborated on a children’s book, Avey the Aviator.  From the business side, Joe set the bar in professionalism, hit every deadline, and did a tremendous job of communicating and partnering at every step in the design, development and publishing process.  Of course, though, the success of any project rests not on the project management aspects, but the strength of its creative, and that is where Joe absolutely excels.

Philip Kaufman

author and publisher of Avey the Aviator

Work with Me

Would you like to entertain your target demographic while communicating your brand? Do you want to express your story clearly through images whether it’s utilizing storyboarding, comics, or children’s book art? Through partnership we can make something magical which compliments your idea or brand with my personal style and humor.